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Benny "the jet" Urquidez

Bas Rutten (UFC)

Michael Jai White

Don "the Dragon" Wilson
Rampage" Jackson
(UFC, Bellator)

"Superfoot" Bill Wallace

Dan Severn

Bob Wall

Ron Van Clief

Ray Mercer

Frank Shamrock

Keith Vitali

Cynthia Rothrock

Kendall Grove (Bellator)

Tito Ortiz (Bellator,UFC)

Marti Malloy
(Olympic Judo Medalist)

Loren Avedon

Chinzo Machida
Elias "the spartan" Theodorou (UFC)

Olivier Gruner

Brad Kohler (UFC)

Satoshi Ishii
Nia Abdallah
(Olympic TKD Medalist)

Michael DePasquale Jr.
Bridgett "Baydoll" Riley
Jalal Merhi
King Mo
Shonie Carter
George Bell
(Olympic TKD Team)
Max Griffin
Steve "Nasty" Anderson
Sabah Homasi (UFC)


"I had a really good time doing my interview with Joseph from Martial Arts World Radio, thank you very much for the great interview my friend!" - Bas Rutten

"It is a great service which you are providing Martial Artists world-wide!" - Keith Vitali

"Simply the best Martial Arts Radio
Show and Podcast."
- George Bell, Olympic Tae Kwon Do competitor and Pan-Am Games BJJ medalist
"I heard my Martial Arts world Radio interview and loved it.  Thank you so much for your care and professionalism."  
- Michael Jai White, Martial Artist and film star
"Martial Arts World Radio is the world champion of combat sports talk radio shows."
- Bridgett "babydoll" Riley, 5X World Kickboxing champ and boxing World Title holder
“Thank you again for the splendid opportunity on Martial Arts World Radio.”
– Mike Stone, Champion and
Hall of Famer, Mike Stone

"Joseph was a very professional, efficient, and organized host!"
- Olivier Gruner, World Kickboxing Champion
and Film Star

“Carefully researched interviews.  Entertaining, educational, and inspiring."
– Lindsay Garbatt, Former WIBA World Champion and professional MMA fighter

“Joseph conducts an integral interview.  It was a pleasure to be on the show.”
– Steve "Nasty" Anderson, World Karate Champion

"I run the show everyday, 7 days a
week on my station."
- Soke Sam Gervasi, Station Manager,
Radio WH, Australia

"Great guest experience!"
- Jason Jackson, Contestant on
"The Ultimate Fighter

"Great Show!  Thanks for having me on."
- Jason Saggo, UFC Light-weight fighter

"It was a pleasure working with Joseph.  I recommend the show to listeners and guests.  Equally relevant for the  classical Martial Artist and MMA fighter."
- Clifford Starks, UFC Middleweight Fighter

" I enjoyed being on the show and I recommend it for interviews that go
beyond what champions do, and  
shares who they are."
- Benny "the Jet" Urquidez""

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